Formally accrediting workplace skills for rail professionals


Over many years, rail operators have tended to fund relatively Ill-fitting certification and qualifications for safety critical training and management roles. With the push from the ORR for ongoing assessment and certification of those roles to defined standards, RPD have responded by looking at creating relevant and cost-effective accredited certification to supplement skills development.

The solution

Over the last two years, RPD have been working with City & Guilds to gain accreditation for a range of operational and safety critical training and management activities.

We are happy to announce that a number of these programmes have now been formally recognised by City & Guilds, enabling RPD to issue Accredited Certificates.

This enables organisations to formally recognise the skills trainers and managers develop through the Accredited Programmes.

Individual supplement price

The price to add formal City & Guilds Certification to any training for any individual Accredited Programme can be quoted as a supplement, which is added to the cost of any training.

For those that have previously attended RPD training within a certain period of time, access to accreditation is available without further training. Individuals will be given the opportunity providing we are allowed access to recent workplace evidence and they are happy to complete the associated knowledge tests.

Course & inclusive prices

For organisations wishing us to deliver company-specific courses, overall course costs can be quoted that include formal accreditation if required. Please ask for details.

Note that prices for any City & Guilds Accredited Programme includes enrolment, assessment, quality assurance and certification.

Added value for Assure users

For organisations that use the Assure online CMS, we have made assessment of evidence as simple as possible. Where beneficial to you and permission is given, assessors can review much of the evidence directly using Assure.

List of Accredited Programmes

Current City & Guilds Accredited Programme titles

(Note that the text in brackets highlights sub-title examples that organisations can suffix as a subheading on printed certificates)

  • Workplace Coaching and Assessment
    (Driver Instructor, Conductor Instructor, Customer Service Instructor, Technical Coach, etc.) – (Safety Critical Assessor, Driver Assessor, Conductor Assessor, Train dispatch Assessor, etc.)
  • Safety Critical Assessment
    (Safety Critical Assessor, Driver Assessor, Conductor Assessor, Train dispatch Assessor, etc.)
  • Situational awareness & NTS Development
    (Core, Advanced)
  • Major Incident Response and Management
    (TOLO - Train Operator's Liaison Officer, SIO - Station Incident Officer)
  • Participative Training
    (Active Learning Trainer, Driver Trainer, Safety Critical Trainer)
  • Managing Controlled Simulation Exercises
    (Rules and Degraded and Emergency Situations, Active Learning Scenario Management)
  • Investigation of Incidents and Accidents
    (Response Investigator, Rail Investigator, Root Cause Investigator)
  • Safety Critical CMS Verification
    (Management of Quality Assurance, CMS audit and Sampling, Quality Assurance of Safety Critical Assessment Activities)
  • Assure CMS Administration
    (Level 1 Administrator, Level 2 Administrator)

About RPD

With a huge portfolio of success in the rail specialist fields of competence management, operational management and training, RPD strive to ensure common sense and effectiveness is built into everything so it works in practice, not just in theory.

RPD have front line experience of these important rail training and line management roles along with the mindset and skills that make all the difference. For more than two decades, we have worked alongside many rail organisations to develop wholly relevant rail managers’ competencies and professional development programmes.