We had the opportunity to visit MTR’S wonderful facilities in Hong Kong recently and Paul Durrant (RPD) had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people. They were very interested in LOROL’S training model and  had adopted the LOROL approach to developing and presenting competence standards themselves. Paul  looked around the training facilities and saw the approaches that the MTR HK  team used that could benefit others.

They had an area of interest with mixing simulation with video based scenarios. During the day Paul spent with them and  after a very interesting and tasty lunch, Paul ran a workshop for all of the line operations managers on the practical application of non-technical skills with Situational awareness and personal protection strategies.

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Paul had the opportunity to be shown around the simulators which had everything from platforms to ticket offices and trains. A live cab ride with a driver enabled him then to see first hand the human factor approaches drivers apply in practise.


Thanks to all involved in MTR Hong Kong for your hospitality and time. It was a privilege to spend that time with all  including the trainers and traincrew managers .


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