We can offer a fresh approach to training, which brings a much more real life view on protection and safety

PPS Lifestyle ( Personal protection strategies )

This outlines a novel and different approach to the issues surrounding raising awareness and reducing incidents- and associated costs.

The strategy includes creating a recognisable brand linked to taking personal responsibility. Poster campaigns, a DVD and follow up briefings all aimed at embedding the right kind of longer-term thinking and awareness to counter any issues that may arise with lack of concentration, fatigue etc.

We have worked with LOROL to produce these structured and successful DVD’S. Working together, we decided that rather than prescribing how drivers control lifestyle and driver related risks, we could highlight the hazards and ask that each Driver consciously thinks through approaches that are likely to work for them, rather than following a specific method dictated by the management

What we have done so far

With a request from LOROL we commissioned a script for a comedy video, aimed at being desirable and amusing to watch, as a focal point for the strategy using professionals.

Once the video had been shot, we began to implement the strategy. Firstly we started to talk about the notion of PPS and to encourage drivers to consciously consider how they have protected themselves in given life and work situations. We then displayed posters linked to the video, over a period of time, to make them stop and think. Drivers were analysing what the posters were about. At a predefined time we sent a package to each driver’s home containing bags of popcorn and sweets along with a golden ticket inviting the driver and their friends and family to the premier of the film 'Overload'. A week later they were sent the DVD with guidance booklets.

LOROL followed this up around three months later by organising a workshop style review in an off job workshop forum.

The strategy continues. Driver Managers discuss the issues whilst assessing drivers aiming to personalise and consolidate the strategies even further. The plan is, to continue to keep the subject a high profile, as well as other issues that may arise which can be given the same real life training plan.

The results so far...

The vast majority of Drivers have enjoyed the experience and a different approach of the overload strategy. Many have commented during the briefing sessions that they have appreciated the non-prescriptive approach - being treated like adults. As awareness of the PPS ideas have increased and the number of incidents has fallen dramatically. Let’s be clear and honest, we cannot be sure that what we’ve done here is directly responsible and we are touching wood each time we mention the link. But we do feel this strategy has raised awareness of the non-technical skills needed to be a good driver along with each individual’s clarity and awareness of how they can protect themselves.

Obviously, as a by-product, the costs of incidents and their management has also fallen. For us, this has really worked way beyond our expectations.

"The Overload campaign has been a sound investment. Far from costing money, the reduction in operating incidents has saved many times more than it cost"
Les Bird, LOROL

Next steps

LOROL believe they have saved far more time and money compared to the cost of the strategy, DVD etc. Therefore, commissioned another DVD (Download) which has now been completed.

Everyone that has seen the DVD, and discussed the strategy with LOROL, outside of LOROL has shown a strong interest and would like to become involved and benefit from the work. We are more than happy with that but we have certain commitments with the actors in terms of royalties etc. A way forward has been discussed and agreed with all concerned.

An offer for all operators

We have now agreed a way forward with those involved in the project. This allows us to offer the package to others. We can therefore offer a complete package that allows you to benefit from the development work at a fraction of the cost.

The Offer

If any individual operator would like to benefit from this work you will be welcome to use all of the materials and training sessions that formed part of the strategy with all the Overload materials, branded for your own organisation. This will cost £11,500. The only additional cost would be the physical design and production of the DVD, booklets, etc. For example, a print run of 400 sets of DVDs and booklets would be in the region of £4,500. Please contact RPD directly if you would like to learn more or to get involved.